About Us

Who Started RealtyReturns?

RealtyReturns.com was founded in 2016 by Rexford R. Hibbs and a select group of successful real estate investors, developers and crowdfunding experts.

RealtyReturns is open to all American and International investors who want to diversify their portfolio with screened, debt and equity real estate investments. Our members include individual investors (both Accredited and Non-Accredited), family offices, institutional investors, registered investment advisors, hedge funds, banks, asset managers and private equity funds.

RealtyReturns co-Founder and CEO Rexford R. Hibbs previously co-founded San Francisco's first Title-III equity crowdfunding platform, DreamFunded.com as well as "Silicon Valley's first private tech stock market", SVExchange. Coming off the successes of both platforms, Rexford wanted to combine his real estate investing background with his expertise in building crowdfunding platforms. He launched RealtyReturns in 2016 with the goal of being the first real estate platform to provide everyone (both Accredited and non-Accredited investors) access to quick, lower-risk returns in real estate than compared to other investment types.

The RealtyReturns Story...

"After co-founding DreamFunded.com, San Francisco’s first registered crowdfunding portal that allows everyday americans to invest in startups, I began asking investors what they were really looking for. The feedback was unanimous. Investors are looking for quick, lower-risk returns compared to other investment types. From my own background and experience, I knew the fastest and easiest way to achieve this was through Real Estate investing.

So I thought to myself, there should be a way that can we can provide strong and quick returns to anyone in the world through real estate. That’s why we launched RealtyReturns because we realized that the biggest opportunity was to help everyone get a strong return on their money. A return that is much higher than that from banks or CD’s, but just as secure." -Rexford R. Hibbs, Co-Founder / CEO


What’s Different About RealtyReturns?

RealtyReturns will allow global accredited investors to invest in debt or equity investments under through a secure, online platform.

Our debt investments allows developers and/ or property owners to raise hard money loans against property. Our Equity investments allow investors to purchase equity ownership in physical real estate properties.